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2010-04-16 08:09:13 GMT
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EXPERIMENTAL, just to demonstrate now small file-size could be.DO NOT download if you watch on high resolution TV or monitors.NOT for handhelds or phones, just computers. Playable in VLC, WMP and MPC with CoreCodec and DivX 7 AAC DShow filter, mplayer, KMplayer and of course, in QuckTime Player.However, picture is better than 90% of CAMs and definitely watchable. Goal was "preview" quality, not the ultimate one - what is self-evident from redicolously small file-size. Trade-offs must be included.And please, do not watch it with a nose in the screen, take proper distance to the monitor or TV (as advised in TV manuals).For example; when I finish encoding, I always check out the file, do short preview, rewinding back and forth. It usualy looks ugly - but - then I move back and sit on the sofa, 6 feet away - and everything looks as it should. Nice and watchable, like on older, analog TV set.WARNING:                      a) If you are from developed countries, have download                      speed above 15 KB/s, think twice what are you doing.                     b) If you download [quark] to test your "equipment"                      forget about it, on first sign of "malfunctioning"                     or "misdoings" of any kind I will block you. (if you                      change IP number, I will block your ISP, your region,                      your country and even whole continent.                      So, think thrice what are you doing.                      Internet IS Big place and you can go anywhere else, true?                      No one force you to download my torrents, right?                     c) If you have FAST connection, HELP the people by downloading                      - however NOT as you've done elsewhere, but by KEEPING your                      UPLOAD SPEED at MAX. Any other behavior will be treated                     appropriately.                     d) When you finished downloading [quark] STAY TO SEED.                      Anyone who can download - CAN UPLOAD too.                     Ones who cannot - only because they are poor - are excluded.                     Ones who are not poor, I beg you to show two things:                      solidarity and perpetual goodness.PLEASE, think about the ones who have Internet but cannot afford download of big files.Every day I have 10% of my peers on dial-up and ancient hardware who need whole day to download a "normal" sized 350MB.Please, I beg you for understanding of my work, let them through and if you can - help them by downloading and seeding afterward as long as you can. These people have slow download and it helps them a lot (please, be generous - on such file having ratio 10.7:1 is like 1:1 on normal-sized XviD).. Example for the ones looking more on ratio numbers, than real and "generated" traffic (ones who need to save - skip this, its just an example):>>XviD's downloading 350MB: giving back 350MB equals 700MB (1:1 ratio)>>[quark]'s is ~60MB + 11 times 60 = 660 MB equals 720MB (well... 20 MB "more")So, people who can give more, should not be focused on plain ratio-number too much - in "world" of [quarks] many things are different.Thank you.*******************************************************************Major brand: ISO Base Media version 1Compatible brands: JVT AVCNumber of streams: 2Video Codec: avc1Resolution: 352 x 192Display aspect ratio: 341:192 = 1.776041 (~16:9)Bitrate: 206 kbpsAudio Codec: AAC Low complexityBitrate: 16.110460 kbpsChannels: 1Sample rate: 11025 Hz


Good morning 20/40
and thank you.
Good morning. It's pretty early where you are. Do not open the fridge.
thanks dude, you just keep out-doing ya self. hmmm, is lilars a chikita? the both of you are flirting, openly, :) very entertaining...
Flirting? Chikita?lol
At 4.30 a.m.I'm not thinking fridge.
I'm thinking...more sleep.
Have a good one.
Thank you my friend, hope you have a gr8 weekend!!!

Type SE
Magnet link Uploaded Today 13.29, ULed by piratebay HIDE MY IP NOW

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